The Activist’s Handbook: 1000 Ways to Politically and Socially Activate Your Life

August 7, 2011

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The Activist’s Handbook: 1000 Ways to Politically and Socially Activate Your Life

It is time for people to become more active politically, socially and culturally. It is not enough to spend your entire life waiting to be entertained by the political rhetoric.

These are 1000 ways in which you can politically and socially activate your life:

  1. The next time you’re with family or friends, discuss a particular cause, instead of letting the conversation drift to celebrity gossip.
  2. Be mindful of the fact that the news channels synthesize events in ways which make the individual feel as if activism is hopeless.
  3. Try to make friends that are politically involved, instead of maintaining the same old school friends.
  4. Stay focused on one particular cause, it’s fine to take up many causes, but always recognize your main cause.
  5. Call a big bank that was bailed out in 2008 by the people and ask them if they would be willing to bail out poor families.
  6. Go to a protest, do not let the stigma propagated by the mass media keep you away from protests.
  7. When your friends talk to you about new consumer products, change the topic to political causes instead.
  8. If you’re going to a protest, try to bring as many of your friends as you can.
  9. When friends say that protestors are ‘crazy’, explain to them exhilarating feeling of being part of a large politically conscious group.
  10. Being an activist requires sacrifice, you will lose many brainwashed friends along the way, but who needs them anyway!
  11. Write an open letter to the CEO of a certain company that you dislike and publish the letter online.
  12. Write an anonymous letter to anyone who abuses their power, boss, CEO, professor, manager etc.
  13. When people use the word consumer to describe human beings, correct them and tell them that human beings are more than consumers.
  14. Organize meetings where you can discuss political matters with others who share the same interest.
  15. Always persuade people, avoid antagonizing them or their social/corporate defense mechanisms will kick in.
  16. Instead of going to watch a mind numbing Hollywood film, look up protests in your area and go to one.
  17. Talking to people is the most effective way of short-circuiting the mass media’s control over people’s minds.
  18. Learn from the experiences of others, ask a homeless person how and why they became homeless.
  19. Volunteer, volunteer, volunteer! Volunteering teaches you that human actions do not have to always be about financial rewards.
  20. Instead of going to a nightclub or a party to meet other people, go to a protest.
  21. Parents will always question political activism, do not let it bother you.
  22. Try seeing how long you can go without purchasing anything barring food of course, to test your consumerist drive.
  23. Do not get ahead of yourself with thoughts of changing the world, change your life first and the lives of those around you.
  24. Avoid feelings of apathy that follow political disappointments, instead, set a new goal and work on it.
  25. Organize a group of four or five people and help each other go to protests.
  26. Do not antagonize the police, that’s counterintuitive, and it allows the capitalist force to activate its violent drive.
  27. Ask a police officer if he or she are part of the upper class, the ruling elites.
  28. Ask a police officer why they protect the bankers and capitalists which keep all of our children in debt.
  29. Write an open letter to a billionaire asking them why they love money to the point of forgetting about starving human beings.
  30. Find a political magazine or blog and write for them.
  31. The next time you visit a store like Wal-Mart, ask a worker how they feel about lacking a union and basic worker rights.
  32. Go to the shopping mall and buy absolutely nothing, instead go there with the purpose of talking to workers about their exploitation.
  33. The next time you see a friend with a brand name item, ask them how much the workers who made it get paid?
  34. Start a blog to fight against a particular injustice.
  35. Change the way you think, do not think in terms of me me me and stuff stuff stuff, but in terms of we, us, all, the world, humanity.
  36. If you are dating someone who is obsessed with consumer products, take them to a protest or a political rally.
  37. Don’t be vindictive against consumer-addicts, remember that consumption is their only way of belonging, show them a new way to belong.
  38. During the G20 protests, locals often flee the city, find ways to bring locals to the protests, fight against their apathy.
  39. Invest your time and energy into others, not for profits, not for sexual possibilities, but for humanity and change.
  40. It is impossible to always practice what you preach, but do not stop preaching, do not stop thinking in a politically healthy manner.
  41. If you find yourself feeling guilt for going to Starbucks, don’t fret, ask yourself why you’re there, analyze your actions.
  42. Think of the revolution but do not become obsessed with it, small actions and steps should be your main focus.
  43. Many people give up on activism because they’re too impatient for the arrival of the revolution, do not be so fatalistic.
  44. Instead of spending your leisure time on facebook trying to ‘hook-up’, start a political facebook group.
  45. Remember that capitalism and the mass media will do everything in their power to control every minute of your life; take your time back.
  46. Try doing things that do not require some kind of consumption.
  47. For one day, perhaps, a Saturday or Sunday, go to a public park and avoid all media consumption.
  48. Find public spaces and use them to meet with others, to organize book readings and intimate speeches.
  49. Befriend a homeless person, spend a day with them, see how they live their lives.
  50. Call the headquarters of a corporation that you are fighting against and tell them you want to interview them about their vile acts.
  51.  When your friends tell racist jokes, stop them in their tracks and explain to them how there is nothing funny about racism.
  52. If your family says that you’re wasting your time on activism, tell them that they’re wasting their time trying to become billionaires.
  53. It’s good to be vocal, it’s good to be outspoken, it’s good to speak for a cause, but avoid being vindictive.
  54. Capitalism will not collapse as the result of violence, capitalism will collapse when people are shown their brutal exploitation.
  55.  Violence against capitalism will only justify massive military budgets which help spur on stock market rallies.
  56. Take advantage of your right to congregate, do not isolate yourself in your room and your mind.
  57. Go to a church, sit in the audience, ask them how they feel about the exploitation of human beings, ask them why God does nothing.
  58. Do not obsess with becoming a revolutionary, it will come with time, focus and methodical actions.
  59. Do not be a sexist, do not disclude people from conversations, events and protests based on their sex.
  60. If you’re a male, you can most certainly be a feminist, fighting for women’s rights does not undermine your personhood in any way.
  61. Do not allow capitalist labels and stereotypes to control your life, think of a stereotype and examine how it serves the ruling class.
  62. Do not be a classist, fight against prejudices that were wired in your mind since birth, poor people are human beings too.
  63. The next time you’re at a grocery store and you see someone buying a product, tell them about the company’s exploitive acts.
  64. Do not focus on money and donations, focus on people, their time and their thoughts.
  65. The next time you’re going to a protest, text everyone on your phone and invite them to come.
  66. In the world of Activism, there is no such thing as success and failure, there is only humanity and justice.
  67. There is no such thing as a successful activist, you have to avoid such vain formulations and petty expectations.
  68. Do not become an activist if your goal is to be some kind of hero, this is not hero business, activism is selflessness.
  69. You have to change the way you see the world, look up the lyrics of a popular song and count how many times consumption is mentioned.
  70. Love is a beautiful feeling but do not allow your love for an individual to hinder your higher love for humanity.
  71. If you catch a member of your family watching the shopping channel or infomercials, explain to them how they’re addicted to consumption.
  72. Avoid watching television, the channels of the billionaires are programmed to subdue our political consciousness.
  73. If you’re forced to watch television with others, vocalize your analysis of the shows and the commercials, be obnoxious.
  74. Do not allow intellectual elitism to get the best of you, there are many uneducated people with valuable insights and ideas as well.
  75. Don’t become entrapped in the ivory towers of academia, revolutions and change happen in the streets, not in lush university offices.
  76. Call your local government official and ask him/her why they bailed out billionaire bankers while families are losing their homes?
  77. Voting is not enough to assert your right as a citizen, do not fall for the 4 or 5 year electoral trap of passivity.
  78. Avoid celebrating capitalist holidays which are designed to intensify consumption.
  79. Share a meal with a homeless person.
  80. Avoid material comforts, many people avoid activism because they are focused on attaining an infantile level of material comfort.
  81. Avoid talk of big capitalist spectacles, The Super Bowl, American Idol finale etc. Talk about social resistance instead.
  82. It’s easy to sit passively in front of the tube, but you must remain socially active, your mind must remain conscious and alive.
  83. There will be many people who will doubt you and question you, because you represent a threat to their convenient perceptions.
  84. Take public transportation and talk to people about their lives, try to find out what it is they’re struggling with.
  85. Cleanse your mind of commercial thoughts, sit down alone and see how many times you think of stuff and commercial experiences.
  86. Ask a professor how much they earn.
  87. Change your definition of culture from the culture of the rich to the lives of ordinary people.
  88. If you hear or read about a strike, join the strikers at the picket lines.
  89. There is no reason to feel lonely and isolated, when the world is full of causes to take up and ideas to explore.
  90. Visit the poorest neighborhoods in your area to see the toll that capitalism takes on people’s lives.
  91. Redefine your life by redefining that way you see your time, time is not money, time is human freedom.
  92. Organize a group of five people, and have each person focus on a particular cause, then talk about what you’ve learnt.
  93. Negate your visits to the mall with a visit to the local recycling centre, see the wastefulness of it all.
  94. Do not encourage children to indulge in Disneyfied fantasies, instead encourage them to examine society critically.
  95. When your friends start talking about sports, talk to them about the mass starvation in our world as a result of capitalist accumulation.
  96. Every morning, ask yourself the question of how you as an individual can contribute to the alleviation of human suffering.
  97. Do not fall for the trap of careerism, shift your focus from your own success to the lives of those who have nothing at all.
  98. Volunteer at an orphanage or a senior home.
  99. Volunteer at a soup kitchen.
  100. Make friends at protests.
  101. You are going to have to cut off many friends who insist on remaining ignorant and belligerent in their support of consumerism.
  102. Instead of spending evenings like zombies in front of the television, read political books out loud to each other.
  103. Make a list of 10 injustices that come to mind when you think of the American Dream, explore how you can tackle these injustices.
  104. Cut down on consumption, it is difficult to become politically conscious if the disease of consumption is thriving in your psyche.
  105. Appreciate the environment, instead of spending your life stuffed in shopping malls, visit a local park.
  106. Visit a landfill, the sight of so much stuff and garbage will give you a finer perspective on the disease of consumption.
  107. An activist must always educate themselves, the available books are all censored by the rich’s publishing houses.
  108. An activist must always remain selfless, you are not in this to make a name for yourself or become popular.
  109. An activist must destroy their ego at some point, the ego is a capitalist construct designed to keep human beings confined in bubbles.
  110. Call the headquarters of a major corporation and ask them if they care more about human beings or corporate profits.
  111. Bring politics into the classroom, do not sit silently while the professor dictates the dominant agenda.
  112. Take a walk in an affluent neighborhood and see for yourself the wastefulness of a couple living in a 15 bedroom home.
  113. Instead of following the trend of amazement at the homes and lives of the rich, always show disgust.
  114. Send mass emails for a cause, to everyone on your list, if they’re annoyed, it’s really their problem not yours.
  115. Find a bookstore near you, and tell customers about books with a  politically relevant message.
  116. Ask a McDonald’s employee how they feel about the fact that they’re paid close to minimum wage while the company makes billions.
  117. The mass media ridicules activists and anyone who is trying to propagate a point of view outside of consumption, don’t be bothered.
  118. Almost everyone around you has been conditioned to be negative towards social resistance, just ignore them and remain focused.
  119.  Spending your whole life fighting for a noble cause is much more honest than spending your whole life fighting for promotions.
  120. Learn to approach people in public, to talk to them, to ask them questions, to examine their lives through your perspective.
  121. Do not be afraid to talk to strangers, the fear of strangers is inhumane and extremely bourgeois.
  122. Find ways to get coworkers to think about their lives and the power that their boss wields over them.
  123. Avoid fears of the unknown, it is important to accept that with activism there is always a fair degree of spontaneity.
  124. There are many ways that you can be socially active, politically, economically, environmentally etc.
  125. Change the way you see your free time, don’t be dependent on mass media generated entertainment to fill the void in your life.
  126. Your free time is not the time to vegetate and consume capitalist media, it’s the time to reevaluate your life and society.
  127. Fight your urge to accept the truths that are fed to the masses, question everything you hear, analyze everything you see.
  128. Do not be afraid of professors, do not be afraid of police officers, do not be afraid of CEOs.
  129. Start a virtual group in which people can engage and discuss a particular cause.
  130. Virtual interactions are fine, but talking to people in person is vital, take every opportunity to bring up the cause to other human beings.
  131. Capitalism controls the flow of information, it’s up to you to find ways in which you can reverse, short-circuit and humanize this flow
  132. Instead of going to see another mind numbing Hollywood movie, go to a homeless shelter and learn about the lives of others.
  133. In the world of the activist, there is no rest, no peace, no reward, there is only work and a valiant faith in the cause of humanity.
  134. As you become more involved with activism, you will see how your actions and decisions begin to change the way you see yourself.
  135. When you go to a protest, talk to others, engage them, learn about their reasons for coming.
  136. The television channels of the rich will only teach you how to be consumptive, they will not teach you about political activism.
  137. Civil disobedience is healthy, but do not give the police a chance to activate the vicious violence of the capitalist cycle.
  138. Write a pamphlet in support of your cause, hand it to people, publish it online.
  139. Do not do drugs, do not turn social resistance into some kind of psychedelic experience, it’s serious work.
  140. Avoid the temptation to party with other activists, gatherings should be strictly for political and social discussions.
  141. Start a group of five people to discuss political actions and then each person should try to start their own group of five.
  142. Recruit friends, acquaintances drag them to protests if you must.
  143. Always remember that personal success is meaningless in world of corruption and greed, choose the activist path over the careerist path
  144. Always carry a pamphlet with your political beliefs and hand it out as if it was your business card.
  145. Your mind is your greatest weapon, your thoughts are the highest form of resistance.
  146. Write, write, write! The process of writing is vital to activism, it allows you to process your thoughts and feelings.
  147. Stop worrying about making more money and getting promotions, keep your energy focused on the cause.
  148. The cause is your life you should never let visions of wealth and luxury supplant your love for humanity.
  149. Speak to the rich, argue with them, try and dissuade them, but they are not going to hand their power and wealth over to the people.
  150. Reformulate your morality, your past morality is based on a bourgeois obsession with private property.
  151. When people doubt activism, calmly correct them and explain to them that social activism is the antidote to the abuse of power.
  152. Speak badly of products, speak badly of corporations, speak badly of consumer goods, anything to short-circuit consumption.
  153. Always remember that the corporation is a front operation for rich human beings who profit from its vile deeds.
  154. Do not mope, do not fret, speak to people, keep your spirit up and always be ready and willing to engage and discuss.
  155. Engage police officers in discussions about the national debt and how bankers are putting generations of our children in debt.
  156. Engage doctors in conversations about the healthcare system, ask them if they’ll refuse a sick person who has no money.
  157. Speak to people on all the different steps of the social ladder, the cause is higher than meaningless classism.
  158. Pride yourself on your ability to resist the barrage of capitalist propaganda.
  159. If you cannot sleep at night, do not take medicine, call someone and speak to them about the exploitation of humanity.
  160. If you feel unhappy with your life, do not blame yourself, the system is wired to attach happiness to consumption, fight consumption.
  161. Ask those who insist on conforming to the social mold, what the meaning of life is? Is the meaning of life making more and more money?
  162. Remain optimistic, you have chosen a cause higher than yourself, not for money nor fame nor admiration, but for humanity and justice.
  163. Activism can be dismal at times, people will accuse you of being a traitor, they will spit at you, attack you but keep your head up!
  164. As people become more political and conscious, they will be able to escape the clutches of the brutal corporations.
  165. Once an activist is always an activist, you will never lose your political consciousness, it will always be in your blood.
  166. Remember that Hollywood, the mass media, the news outlets are the propaganda tools of capitalism, do not be shy about using propaganda.
  167. There is no such thing as a neutral point of view, a ‘neutral’ professor serves the interest of the default, the status quo.
  168. Never be neutral, always remain vigilant, in allowing your political consciousness to spread through your life.
  169. Find facts that prove the abusive practices of a certain corporation and email them to employees of the corporation.
  170. Activists must use propaganda, do not fall for the self-defeating convention of ‘we’re above propaganda’.
  171. You cannot fight the capitalist propaganda machine, without finding clever and effective ways of using propaganda.
  172. Activism is the highest form of resistance against capitalism, it shifts the mind of the individual from consumption to resistance.
  173. Edit Wikipedia articles, write Wikipedia articles which speak in the name of the cause.
  174. Find the emails of executives at corporations and send them an email outlining your concern with their corporate practices.
  175. Get sleep! Many activists begin to lose many hours of sleep, good sleep will keep your mind alert and your soul healthy.
  176. Hand out pamphlets, hand out posters, go to events with the purpose of spreading your message.
  177. Business people hand out their business cards profusely, don’t be shy about handing out your political pamphlets.
  178. Join a political party or start a political party, you only need five willing members to start a party.
  179. People are deeply attached to the way they make a living, be clever in how you question their lives and complicity.
  180. Capitalism makes people attached their delusions of possible wealth and grandeur, crush these delusions whenever you get the chance.
  181. Activism is a science, it is a religion, it is a way of life, but the capitalist universities avoid studying it, lest it spread.
  182. Avoid watching television because it’s full of heavily coded messages and symbols that encourage your mind to be politically passive.
  183. Avoid sudden and spontaneous interactions with the mass media, always have a distinct purpose for watching a show or reading an article
  184. Avoid reading the news habitually, the news is actually programmed to deflate human energy and our social consciousness.
  185. Avoid the feeling that watching the news is enough, news consumption is not a political act, you have to do something.
  186. The corporation is the front business of the ruling elites, do not fall for the trap that the corporation is THE inherent evil.
  187. If you must, it is better to watch Fox News than CNN, because Fox News will make you more aware of the indoctrination process.
  188. In a consumer culture, “To buy” is a political act and “Not to buy” is an act of defiance and social resistance.
  189. You have to begin viewing yourself as an active and vital part of the historical movement of world events.
  190. Do not be passive but pick your battles, be controlled, be ready for calculated confrontations.
  191. Wherever you go, always look for ways in which you can bring your activism into all aspects of people’s lives.
  192. If you go to the mall hand out a few flyers against consumption.
  193. If you’re volunteering in a soup kitchen, take the opportunity to spread the message.
  194. Remember the fact that when the revolution comes, the homeless and the street children will play a vital role.
  195. Try to recruit both women and men, do not have any sexist prejudice, everyone can help the cause.
  196. An activist is selfless, invisible, always present, always ready for action, but he/she knows how to suddenly disappear.
  197. When people tell you that your cause is hopeless, tell them that the cause is a far superior choice to vegetating in front of the TV.
  198. Capitalism has spoiled human beings, it has made them obsessed with personal comforts, find ways to negate these comforts.
  199. Keep a diary, in which you note your activist activities, try and brainstorm ways in which you can be more effective.
  200. The mass media will always underreport the amount of protests and protestors, it’s up to you to make your presence felt.
  201. Do not negotiate with capitalists, they are obsessed with accumulating power and capital.
  202. The way to reverse the control of capitalism is to reverse the flow of information, find clever ways to get people’s attention.
  203. Constantly remind people that democracy is a meaningless concept if all communication vehicles are owned by a dozen families.
  204. When you hear this ‘well our lives are better now’, mention stress, anxiety, the 90 million Americans on psychoactive drugs.
  205. Avoid intoxication of any kind, the mind of an activist must always be sober and ready to work for the struggle.
  206. If you have started an activist group and someone wants to join, be very cautious, it’s better if you approach people to join.
  207. Always remember that democracy without political activism is like happiness without meaning.
  208. Tell your friends and family, that we must always remain vigilant, because unchecked power is abusive power.
  209. When people say protests are dangerous, tell them that it is dangerous to remain passive while the corporate machines wipes out souls.
  210. Do not be afraid, never be afraid. Fear is what the mass media spreads to keep us all on the couch watching stupid visions of life.
  211. Never doubt your activism, if you begin to doubt, then you should isolate yourself for a while and reexamine your purpose in life.
  212. An activist is not a wannabe hero, an activist is the anonymous force which works towards the destruction of the power paradigm.
  213. There will be moments when you feel your mind and soul merging with historical movements, do not fear this vertigo like feeling.
  214. An activist must live a double life, one in which they are ordinary with ordinary jobs and another in which they are politically active
  215. Living a double life does not make you a hypocrite, we all have to feed ourselves, it is living a passive life that ruins your heart.
  216. Write anonymously, it is an empowering act, forget the capitalist notions of copyrights and intellectual property.
  217. Fight against the notion of intellectual property, the idea that our thoughts and minds can be owned and distributed.
  218. Do not believe any political author who sells eCopies online, if the message is not more important than profits then it’s poison.
  219. Email a political author and ask them why they do not make their books free online?
  220. The activist needs money to eat and live but the activist despises money and all notions of money.
  221. Remember that if an author believed in their message, they would make the message available to as many people as possible.
  222. Your words are weapons, your thoughts are machines, your ideas are your guiding light.
  223. Activists who are chasing fame and glory are false people, the people do not need new age vain leaders, the people need freedom.
  224. An activist does not waste time praising their actions, an activist finds new ways to implement mass actions.
  225. Always remember that the capitalists own all the weapon factories for a reason, do not fight on their terms, fight with your mind and soul.
  226. Capitalism craves violence in order to justify squeezing trillions from the people into the pockets of weapons makers.
  227. Violence is self-defeating, instead of using violence, teach someone that consumerism is a drug that destroys the mind.
  228. Always remember that capitalism is the machine of consumption, to end capitalism, teach people to slow down their consumption addiction
  229. Instead of calling the police officers pigs, ask them why they protect the class of bankers who have put all of our children in debt.
  230. If a police officer insults you, say this: Am I the one who put your children in debt? Am I the one who sends your kids to die in war?
  231. Always be calm, always be prepared and meticulous, always speak your mind, capitalism’s weapon is the silence of the people.
  232. Activism against war is very effective, the war machine is used by the capitalist class to keep consumption in high gear.
  233. If you can slow the war machine, you can slow down the consumption cycle and force capitalists to run out of social credit.
  234. You must change the way you see capital, it is not money, capital is a form of power that the people hand over to the ruling class.
  235. When your family says you’re wasting your life, tell them working devotionally for a corporation your whole life is wasting your life.
  236. When your significant other questions your love and dedication, tell them that life is about more than Valentine’s day.
  237. Activism will take a toll on you, be prepared for that, you will find yourself despising the ordinary life you live, but you must cope.
  238. If you are part of an activist group and someone begins to mention violence, be weary of them, they are either too anxious or a spy.
  239. If a member of your group falls for the fame trap, if they start wanting to be in newspapers and such, expel them from the group.
  240. The most difficult part of being an activist is reigning in your ego, you must crush your ego, be prepared to sacrifice your soul.
  241. Capitalism will present certain activists the chance of becoming famous leaders of the cause, avoid this at any cost.
  242. Denounce people who have sacrificed the cause in the interest of egoism.
  243. A true activist does not appear on Democracy Now; a true activist always works in the shadows, selflessly, for the cause.
  244. The corporations have destroyed our environment, the rich have stolen our natural resources, you must let everyone know this.
  245. If you feel tired of working for a cause without any results, remember that result-based success psychology is capitalistic.
  246. If you feel like a loser because your friends have better jobs, remember that success/failure are just models of capitalist consumption
  247. You do not work for a cause to be successful, you work for a cause because truth and justice run through your blood.
  248. You do not work for a cause to ‘win’, you work because you cannot stand the fact that children starve while billionaires thrive.
  249. Negate the philanthropy of the rich, show others the hypocrisy of the rich in hoarding trillions and donating millions, for tax breaks.
  250. Always remember that the rich donate money not because they’re nice people but because they fear the people.
  251. If a rich person wants to donate to your cause, take their money but do not hesitate to denounce them and their lives at any point.
  252. Do not let the wealthy and their corporations silence your cause with their filthy money and sponsorships.
  253. Take donations from the rich, but do not ever credit them, do not ever do the whole ‘sponsored by Goldman Sachs’ nonsense.
  254. Authentic causes are only sponsored by the will of the people.
  255. Organizations run into trouble when they need financing, that’s why all members should be volunteers with day time jobs.
  256. Avoid vanities in your life, avoid vacations and any sense of ‘fun’, all ‘fun’ is laced with capitalist materialism and narcissism.
  257. An activist is a serious human being, with a singular determination that cannot be broken up by capitalist indulgences.
  258. Your friends call you boring and ‘no fun’, remind them coolly that it is difficult to have fun while billions of children starve.
  259. Be prepared to lose a lot of people in your life, capitalism is very successful at controlling people’s minds and prejudices.
  260. Always remember that there is more to life than luxuries, there is more to existence than having your mind massaged by consumption.
  261. Activists are usually brilliant human beings who can do very well in the intellectual institutions of the rich, but they nobly opt out.
  262. Do not trust your education, your schools, your colleges, your professors, they are all sponsored and paid for by the ruling elites.
  263. Examine how everyone in power is fed a fetish, whether it’s Jay Leno’s 85 motorcycles or Paul Allen’s yachts.
  264. The best way to resist the fetishes of capitalism is to study how these fetishes are even fed to billionaires and celebrities.
  265. Always remember that fame is a fetish, power is a fetish, money is a fetish and the way to avoid it all is to be anonymous.
  266. An activist has no personal friends, an activist has comrades and partners in action, but their only friend is their cause.
  267. Be prepared to be called insane and delusional, calmly say: delusion is worshipping the very system that destroys your mind.
  268. Always remember that morality is the mortality of the rich because it is illegal for both a rich man and starving man to steal bread.
  269. Always remember that your life is your greatest possession, your mind, your energy, your humane thoughts.
  270. Negate the possessions of the rich, question the flawed logic of a billionaire living alone in 32 bedroom home.
  271. Pretend to want an interview with a billionaire for a financial school article, then if granted, ask them about poverty and greed.
  272. Question and attack the notion of private property, protest against the increased ownership of our rivers and lakes by the rich.
  273. Design banners with powerful words on them and bring these banners to all the protests you frequent.
  274. Learn to enjoy the scent of tear gas, sadly it has become the scent of rebellion, resistance and social awareness.
  275. Remember that capitalism and its institutions do not take kindly to any form of resistance, your teachers will lower your grades.
  276. Instead of being afraid, learn to enjoy your expressions of political and social freedom.
  277. The activist is powerful because capitalism has to pay people to speak for it but the activist speaks for the cause for free.
  278. If only 2% of the population takes the activist route, social revolution would be inevitable, recruit, recruit, recruit!
  279. If you feel frustrated, remember that activism is infectious because once an activist always an activist.
  280. Try to spend as much time as possible in public spaces, avoid being in private spaces, unless you have some writing to be done.
  281. Capitalism seeks to privatize lives by keeping everyone in their private space, breach the equation and learn to enjoy public spaces.
  282. Eat in public spaces, dance in public spaces, converse in public spaces, congregate in public spaces.
  283. Always remember that being in a public space with other people will alleviate your feelings of depression and alienation.
  284. Activists are bound to feel depressed, they live a life with no credit and no rewards, but they also feel the highest of authentic joys
  285. The fact that you lead a double life will make you feel schizophrenic at time, this too is natural, fret not!
  286. Do not frighten people with your behaviors, appear normal and calm, and always ready to engage in further discussions.
  287. Shouting and screaming are fine, but remember that one can only shout and scream for so long before running out of energy.
  288. Ration your energy, debate coolly, always save a part of your mind for another day and another attempt to persuade.
  289. If you’re at a protest, instead of being loud and rude, try having a normal conversation with a police officer or a bystander.
  290. If you’re at a protest, explain to the bystanders why you’re here, rationalize your action to them instead of antagonizing them.
  291. Don’t be hopeless with stubborn people, instead remember that your conversation and efforts will remain with them forever.
  292. Human interactions are much more powerful than mass media interactions, talk to people, they will never forget you or your thoughts.
  293. Capitalism tries to limit human interactions because non-commercial human interactions are the only thing it cannot control.
  294. Always remember that your professors are well paid in order to neuter the very dangerous human interaction that they have with you.
  295. Professors will often try to speak in the name of movements, it is wise to learn from their rhetoric but generally ignore them.
  296. When celebrities take up causes they usually do it in an opportunistic manner and to enhance their celebrity, ignore them.
  297. Anyone who is publically successful in capitalist societies will have no interest in effectuating change, it threatens their success.
  298. Anyone can be abusive, anyone can hate and be violent but the activist must always remain calm, cool, collected and determined.
  299. The activist is the biggest threat to capitalism because they threaten the cycle of consumptive information.
  300. Try to get people to think in terms of ‘us’ instead of me me me.
  301. Try to persuade people to see themselves as part of a wider historical movement, instead of as consumers of plastic goods.
  302. Try to inject your hope for social change in the hearts of others, explain to them how you are happy without the poisons of materialism
  303. Organize your life and your time, so that all of your actions serve a purpose in advancing the cause.
  304. Speak simply, avoid intellectual mumbo jumbo, the simpler your language the more effective it is.
  305. Always remember that intellectuals are paid to make their language as obscure and distant from the people as possible.
  306. Always remember that academics are essentially paid to be ineffective at communicating vital messages to the masses.
  307. Even if a professor has politically subversive ideas, it’s meaningless if he/she cloak them in a highly specialized language.
  308. It is your job to make information and ideas accessible to the people, never be an academic elitist.
  309. Find corporations that exploit child labor overseas and tell mothers about this, they’re very sensitive to child exploitation.
  310. You must decommercialize your life to the extent that decommercialization is possible.
  311. You have to begin to establish relationships based not on schools and jobs, but based on social consciousness and direction.
  312. Remember that those around you are paid to question the direction of any life which does not fit perfectly within the social mold.
  313.  If you are not in school, take the time to audit a class and speak to students about their political awareness.
  314. Hand out pamphlets on campuses, but do not become obsessed with the campus scene, your message must spread in society as a whole.
  315.  An activist does not see the world in terms of selfish success, an activist sacrifices their very being to the body of the cause.
  316. To learn about spreading the message to the people, read marketing books that teach businesses how to spread their products.
  317. Capitalism does not provide the knowledge tools to spread political consciousness, so you have to create these tools.
  318. Write a political essay attacking any institution which you stand against.
  319. Write a letter to the CEO of a large company explaining the  environmental destruction that he/she are presiding over.
  320. Speak to as many people as you can, but concentrate on people who show interest in your ideas and thoughts.
  321. Know your strengths, if you’re a good writer avoid public speech despite its glamour.
  322. If you’re part of a group of activists, the first step is to discover each individual’s strength and to exploit this strength.
  323. Do not disclude anyone if they have not read certain books or explored certain ideas, instead teach them and encourage them.
  324. Read political literature, but do not become too submerged in the literature, remember that action is the life of the activist.
  325. Many activists fall in the trap of obsessive information consumption, they read too much and write and act too little.
  326. Reading is a great way to engage your mind, but you must also engage the people.
  327. Exploit the freedom of speech principle, speak out vigilantly against oppression in all of its different forms.
  328. Capitalism allows for freedom of speech because billionaires own all the powerful mass media voices, be aware of this.
  329. Globalization is a euphemism for capitalization on new markets, fight against globalization to slow down the attacks of capitalism.
  330. Do not think of capitalism as a political system, think of it as an out of control financial machine with a decrepit soul of its own.
  331. Experiment with different ways of spreading your message, you will not find effective methods ways without experimentation.
  332. In their heart of hearts the activist knows that the cause is more important than her/his individual life.
  333. Do not play the lottery. An activist never plays the lottery, because an activist has no wish to escape the poverty of the masses.
  334. Do not treat the opposite sex as if they are some kind of partner in a sexual game, respect them and recruit them into the cause.
  335. Many male activists fall for the trap of generalizing women as soft and apolitical, this is sexist and hierarchal.
  336. Women are just as valuable to the cause as men, it is hypocritical to discriminate if you’re fighting for social justice.
  337. Study the nascent stages of religious groups, to discover new ways in mass organizational possibilities.
  338. Remember that capitalism’s great flaw is that it insists on maintaining the stagnant status quo, while you want something alive and new
  339. Avoid all sexist inclinations.
  340. Avoid all racist inclinations, all races and ethnicities should be welcome to the cause.
  341. Banish all racist thoughts from your mind, remember that Caucasian activists helped African Americans during their civil rights fight.
  342. If you’re a Palestinian activist you must be prepared to work wholeheartedly with Jewish activists.
  343. Do not focus on ideology, it usually turns people away from a cause, keep your points simple and clear.
  344. Avoid using terms like ‘Marxist Economy of Time’ and say things like ‘the capitalists control all of your time even your free time’.
  345.  Become conscious of the fact that your education and your family have made you very prejudice towards lower classes.
  346. Others may not be on the same level of political consciousness as you, do not question their determination, encourage them instead.
  347. You can read a thousand books about oppression but at the end of the day you have to physically and mentally fight against it.
  348. Visit places you usually would not visit, prisons, mental hospitals, juvenile homes, see the system outside of its polished self-image.
  349. When you speak to a business professional, attack them not, learn from them, marketing techniques, labor exploitation etc.
  350. Instead of attacking business individuals, learn from them about ways in which their company taps into the mind of the masses.
  351. On your journey into the world of activism, you will begin to experience your world on sensory levels that were shut down before.
  352. As you become an activist, you will see your life and your purpose in a completely different light.
  353. Talk of debts is a powerful way to recruit people, mention how our governments owe trillions to corrupt greedy bankers.
  354. Talk of the racist prison system is an effective way of challenging African Americans to re-evaluate their views on society.
  355. Avoid drugs, avoid intoxications, avoid Hollywood films, we all get the urge to escape, go for a walk in a public park.
  356. Remember that the average citizen works from 9-5 then goes home and lets the television shut down their thoughts.
  357. A form of very effective activism is attacking the television, encourage those around you to watch less TV, analyze TV for them.
  358. Explain to those around you how television is the propaganda machine of the billionaires.
  359. Explain to your friends and family that a billionaire will only put messages to serve him on his privately owned TV station.
  360. If you can get people to watch less television, then you allow them more time to think and examine their lives critically.
  361. Synergy, activists must also use synergy to spread their message, work with other activist groups, organize protests together.
  362. Organize protests, but ensure that at least 20 people show up, 20 people are enough to make a protest feel real and alive.
  363. Organize rallies, but rallies require at least 100 people to be present.
  364. Change the way you see protests, protesting against G20 is great, but you can also protest against corporations.
  365. If you can organize 20 people to go and protest in front of a corrupt bank, like Goldman Sachs, it will be in the mass media.
  366. Use the mass media to your advantage, if you are organizing a protest, tell some newspapers about it ahead of time.
  367. Remember that protests are a great place to talk with similar minded people, to exchange ideas and hopes!
  368. Never say: The cause is hopeless. As long as one person remains alive who believes in the cause, then the cause is real and alive.
  369. Never be pessimistic, you do not take up a cause to win or succeed, you take up a cause because you genuinely believe in it.
  370. Social networks are a powerful way of spreading messages, but do not let your message drown out in nonsense.
  371. If a member of your organization opens a twitter or facebook group, ensure that they remain on topic at all times.
  372. Social networks are an ingenious way to bring your political message to large numbers of people, but remain focused on the message.
  373. Your sexual energy is part of your general life-force energy, don’t waste it on manufactured and engineered pornographic films.
  374. Learn about the process of production, visit factories, go on tours of offices, enter spaces and learn about them.
  375. If you go to the shopping mall, you do not have to buy anything. Try it, go there once, buy nothing, you’ll feel great.
  376. Enter stores and when the salespersons try to sell you something, talk to them in an activist fashion.
  377. Exploit all the commercial spaces where you can speak your mind and talk to others.
  378. If you’re talking to a salesperson at the mall, ask them if their employer gives them benefits, ask them how they like their job.
  379. An effective way to speak to people is to survey them, bring a clipboard and a pen, create a survey and ask people questions.
  380. Remember that corporations are not ashamed of hiring teams to survey human beings for information and neither should you.
  381. Books are a great way to find information, but the best information is information that you garner from people.
  382. Try to get interviews with executives of corporations, ask them about their practices and their labor policies.
  383. If you cannot attain an interview with a CEO, try a senior executive or an executives.
  384. Human conversations are the most effective way of reversing capitalism’s fascistic information flow.
  385. If you have to lie to people by telling them there’s free coffee and donuts to at a political protest, then lie away!
  386. An activist does not see themselves as an individual with petty dreams, an activist sees themselves as a part of human history.
  387. Feedback is an important way of improving your activist methods, ask locals what they like, what they hate about a protest.
  388. Locals often object to protests because they lose some business, tell them you’re fighting to keep generations out of debt.
  389. Avoid the urge to designate a leader of your activist group, true leaders will lead without needing the title of Mr. Leader.
  390. Avoid thoughts of a legacy, activists do not believe in legacies and grandeur, activists believe in handwork and namelessness.
  391. Remember that human beings need a purpose, you cannot just tell them that capitalism sucks and call it a day.
  392. Develop and create methods through which your voice and ideas can be heard by people who show no political interests.
  393. You have to develop methods through which you can reach children and parents, guiding them away from consumption towards awareness.
  394. Children are conditioned from an early age to worship consumption, teach them about the environment and sustainability.
  395. If you have children in your family, do not hesitate to tell them about the vile corporate practices of Disney and Nickelodeon.
  396. The notion that you must shelter kids from the truth is generated by the drive to keep children cocooned within shells of consumption.
  397. Tell children the truth, if Disney exploits children in Thailand factories, then children must know this.
  398. Children are not as naïve as you may think, they understand justice and they will understand corporate hypocrisy.
  399. Capitalism develops the consumptive drive in children and you must combat this by developing a sense of social consciousness in them.
  400. Instead of asking a child what they want for Christmas, ask them if it’s fair that rich people get richer and poor people starve.
  401. Boycott Christmas as nothing more than a commercial excuse to ramp up consumption and wastefulness.
  402. Boycott all holidays and events which demand increased consumption.
  403. The first year you boycott Christmas you will feel alone and sad, fret not, this is your consumption detoxification.
  404. You cannot gain an honest perspective of society unless you isolate yourself from the addictive parts of it.
  405. Face the fact that many people around you are actually addicted to consumption, they’re like drug addicts.
  406. If you’re trying to help someone slow down their consumption, deal with them as you would deal with a cocaine addict.
  407. Remember that listening to a popular song or watching the news is also a form of consumption.
  408. Remember that education is also a form of consumption, you are consuming the agenda of the ruling elites.
  409. An activist must educate themselves in the ways of social resistance, learn from others, learn from life, learn from the corporations.
  410. Learn from the corporate models, how to organize people, how to spread messages, how to deal with the competition.
  411. Your hatred for the corporation should not hinder you from using corporate models to attack the corporation.
  412. Your free time is your greatest tool, don’t waste it on distractions and recreational nonsense.
  413. The life of an activist is the life of a fighter, a resister, a questioner, a rebel, an intellectual, a nameless hero.
  414. Your life is your greatest weapon, the way you live your life, the way you struggle, it will teach others.
  415. Do not hesitate to teach others about injustice and the way of resistance but never call yourself a teacher.
  416. Do not hesitate to mentor others in the ways of fighting against the corporate dictatorship, but never call yourself a mentor.
  417. Remember that the corporation is a puppet that the billionaires breathe life into, like Pinocchio.
  418. Remember that if you solely attack a corporation, the billionaires will bankrupt it and move their capital else war.
  419. Do not fall for the trap of treating the corporation as an independent entity, there are human beings who profit from its actions.
  420. Attack any glorification or hero worship of the wealthy and famous.
  421. Ask people why they worship an athlete or a celebrity.
  422. Ask people why they look up to billionaires who can live super comfortably while billions starve to death.
  423. Ask girls why they look up to supermodels who are addicted to cocaine and fame?
  424. Mention celebrity suicides often, it’s a very effective way of short-circuiting the notion that fame and money produce happiness.
  425. Explain to people that there is more to life than money and stuff, that human relationships are more important than success.
  426. Explain to an aspiring artist that being in the galleries of the rich is a meaningless event, that they should work for the people.
  427. Explain to an aspiring actor that Hollywood is nothing more than a trap which will chew them and spit them out.
  428. Do not be afraid to crush people’s stupid hopes and dreams, it is your duty as an activist to speak the truth.
  429. Do not encourage greed and vanity for the sake of being nice and inoffensive, crush people’s meaningless material hopes.
  430. Explain to an aspiring billionaire that the wealth will only isolate them from their personal humanity and humanity as a whole.
  431. Explain to an aspiring rapper that escaping the ghetto will not make the ghetto disappear.
  432. Believe in yourself, believe in your cause, you do not need to be socially important to be happy.
  433. Believe in your actions, believe in vitality of being an activist, you do not need to differentiate yourself to be alive.
  434. Physical activities are a healthy way to work around the anxieties manufactured by capitalism, but do not enter professional sports.
  435. Attack all the institutions of mass distraction, professional sports, the movies, the TV, music, the tabloids and even the news.
  436. When you are watching television, keep a notebook with you and take notes on the incessant themes of consumption and destruction.
  437. No one wants to contribute to the murder of others, tell people the fact that 55% of their tax money goes towards war and destruction.
  438. An activist does not spend their days wondering how to be richer, better, happier than others, an activist lives with others.
  439. An activist has no name, they do not believe in nations, they do not trust anyone who speaks in the name of God.
  440. An activist does not use activism to attain sexual partners, instead they use it as a way to become a more open, communicative, person.
  441. An activist is willing to put everything in their life aside for the cause because equality, justice and freedom are the highest truths.
  442. If you have conservative parents ask them why they passively allowed the bankers to put their children into debt.
  443. Do not be loud around opponents, instead be calm and calculated, study your opponent, study their behavior sand aspirations.
  444. Study your opponent, study their effective tools, study the ways with which you can bankrupt their ideology.
  445. Always have a pamphlet or article in your pocket, give it to someone after a conversation, it helps keep the thoughts in their mind.
  446. An activist does not fear social isolation, they see that the real isolation happens when people hand their souls over to the powerful.
  447. Undermine power with all of your actions, do not subscribe to the notion that the powerful are invincible.
  448. When a powerful corporate person is facing media pressures, join in, chime in, verbally attack them and their corporation.
  449. The word radical will pop up at some point, ignore it. There is nothing radical about fighting against injustice, 3 year old kids do it
  450. Redefine your life and the institutions around you, does the education system enlighten or mold the youth into corporate slaves.
  451. Ask yourself and others new and important questions, who profits from the national debt? Who are the ruling elites?
  452. Identify the ruling elites in every single institution, education, government, corporations, the media, the fashion industry etc.
  453. You cannot fight against that which you have not identified.
  454. If you’re trying to attack the fashion industry, identify the elites of the fashion world and examine how they profit and operate.
  455. Attack vanities, attack luxury items, $25,000 LV bags, expensive consumer goods, it will gain your cause sympathy.
  456. Attack the lifestyles of the rich and famous, what they do, what they buy, attack their wastefulness at any chance you get.
  457. Attacking Nike shoes might antagonize people, instead plant the seed of anti-consumption by mentioning someone with a $25,000 handbag.
  458. Do not only attack the lifestyle of celebrities, attack the notion of celebrity itself.
  459. Organize, agitate, propagate.
  460. Denounce popular corporations, McDonald’s, Walmart, Starbucks, the brand recognizability will help people identify with your cause.
  461. No one should be beyond rebuke, at times it will be necessary to speak against those who have allowed their activism to become a vanity
  462. A true activist does not appear in television interviews talking about their cause.
  463. An activist is an anonymous force which penetrates incessantly and silently through all aspects of society.
  464. Do not trust the experts, they are usually highly paid professionals who work towards reinforcing the controls of the system.
  465. It’s up to you to research topics that are ignored by general research, people’s desire for freedom, justice and equality.
  466. If you’re at a protest and the police turn violent against protestors, flee, but congregate again at a later date.
  467. If you’re at a protest and the police turn violent without provocation, you’ve succeeded at showing the brutality of the system.
  468. Open your heart, mind and soul to the cause, do not fall for the trap of excessive rationalization.
  469. At some point in the journey of the activist, he/she become the very cause that they are fighting for.
  470. An activist knows how to speak to people in a convincing, subtle and extremely persuasive fashion.
  471. You need to find ways in which the knowledge base about your cause circulates through the minds of the masses.
  472. Learn from the mass media, learn from the corporation, learn from the cult of celebrity, what do people want?
  473. With practice and hard work, you will become an effective activist.
  474. Start with a simple goal, like converting one other person to your cause.
  475. You will get the urge at times to return to your old consumer ways, resist, go for a walk, have a nice talk with a stranger.
  476. Always remained focused on your goal, do not allow others to use their social negativity to dissuade you.
  477. Be prepared to sacrifice all of your energy to the cause.
  478. Be prepared to put your mind and soul up on the line in the fight for freedom and justice.
  479.  Always remember that narcissistic-individuality is the tool of the ruling elites to keep you locked in your own mind and bad habits.
  480. Share your thoughts with others. Never hesitate to share your feelings about the cause with other fellow activists.
  481. Never hesitate to question figures of authority, power loses much of its glamour once it is questioned.
  482. Increase the base of those who are interested in your cause by simplifying the public message of your group.
  483. Focus on certain targets for your media campaigns, instead of attacking the practices of all retailers, focus on Walmart.
  484. Always remember that you are capable of effectuating authentic change.
  485. Always remember that your heart has become your guiding force, instead of your belly and your instinctual greed.
  486. If you go hungry for a day, take it as a lesson in the way billions live each day of their lives.
  487. Hunger is a powerful weapon that the capitalists use against the people, reverse it, use it against the capitalist, try a hunger strike.
  488. Try public displays of resistance, hunger, public speeches are effective even if there are a few listeners.
  489. Always remember that the general population will resist your message, but all you have to do is get one person to listen.
  490. There will be a moment when you become so involved in your activism, that the rest of your life feels trivial, be prepared for this.
  491. Always remember that your greatest weapon is your consciousness and your inner resistance.
  492. Capitalism has created armies of psychologists to tap into the minds of the people, find ways to use psychology for the cause.
  493. Do not be afraid of the capitalists, never feel as if the rich and powerful are above you, no one is above anyone else.
  494. You must find ways of deconstructing, the incessant power paradigms and hierarchies.
  495. Treat members of the opposite sex respectfully, you gain nothing by alienating 50% of the population.
  496. If you’re a female feminist do not hesitate to accept a male into your group, do not put stifling and meaningless barriers.
  497.  Remember that capitalist is an efficient system and you must be efficient too if we are to have a chance.
  498. You must cut the fat out of your life, the liquor, the video game, the obsessions with sexual fetishes.
  499. You must change the way that you see your existence, ask yourself this questions: are you a consumer or are you an agent of change.
  500. Instead of spending the weekend at the cottage, spend the weekend on your main city square, talking to people.
  501. Instead of spending your whole life slaving for a corporation that does not even know your name, join the fight for freedom.
  502. Instead of spending your energy on the growth of a cancerous corporation, put your energy into the body of the cause.
  503. Instead of passing your time by playing meaningless games, join in the authentic fight for freedom and justice.
  504. Always remember that there is no such thing as happiness, it is a tool used by the ruling elites to run the lives of the lotto classes.
  505. Always remember that you are a powerful entity, onto yourself, without the attributes that society ascribes to you.
  506. Never trust your parents, they are agents of the status quo, talk to them, but don’t take their objections to heart.
  507. Your parents will often dissuade you from the cause because they want you to live an ordinary submissive life, resist them!
  508. At some point you will see how your parents are nothing more than agents of a fake, manufactured, social peace.
  509. Never trust the professors who make a living by legitimizing the power of the rich in their clever ways.
  510. Never trust the authors who make a living by obsequiously serving the needs of the multibillion dollars publishing houses.
  511. An activist speaks the truth because they have no interest in accumulating wealth.
  512. An activist is the truth because they have willfully put their selfish motives away.
  513. An activist is the energy which will revolutionize our rotten lives.
  514. An activist is the machine which will force capitalism to shrink and implode upon itself.
  515. An activist is the spirit of the people, personified, divided and spread into the heart of the cause.
  516. An activist never says ‘I did this’, they say ‘we will do this.’
  517. An activist never says ‘I sacrificed my life for the cause’, they say ‘the cause saved me from the spiritual death of consumerism.’
  518. A spy thinks ‘I want to be on Democracy Now’. An activist thinks ‘I am nameless, I am faceless, I am the cause’.
  519. An activist does not spend their energy trying to prove their heroism to other activists.
  520. An activist is a nihilist emotionally but an optimist socially.
  521. You have to be prepared to fight with every ounce of your psyche, they will insult you, but you must rise above their diseased rhetoric.
  522. You must be willing to put all of your energy into the future of the cause, the hope of your fellow human beings.
  523. An activist does not spend their days wondering what to do, an activist always has a list of objectives to achieve.
  524. Always keep a long list of tasks which you can undertake, always work on completing this endless list of responsibility.
  525. An activist does not shy away from responsibilities, an activist will take as much as responsibility as they can bear.
  526. You must never linger, you must never waste your time, always have a purpose, always have an intent.
  527. When you converse with others, never let the conversation precipitate into nonsense, keep the cause in constant focus.
  528. Call people from your past and tell them to go to a protest with you, put all personal feelings aside.
  529. People spend thousands of hours each year obsessing over emotional and personal relationships matters, do not fall for romantic traps.
  530. Always remember that human beings are not objects, they are not properties in the hands of anyone, encourage freedom at every chance.
  531. Encourage students of all ages to question their teachers.
  532. Encourage workers to question the power of their employers over their lives.
  533. Encourage women to question the male dominant hierarchy lingering over their lives.
  534. Encourage prostitutes to question the commodification of their bodies and existence.
  535. Encourage the homeless to question the intensification of capital accumulation.
  536. Bring up the term wage-slaves as often as you can.
  537. Bring up the ghetto machine to those who suffer from the consequences of racism.
  538. Never hesitate to stir debate, but do not become emotional or confrontational, always have a reason for the dialogue you arouse.
  539. Always remember that words are the most effective way of communicating your message, images are helpful, but focus on the words.
  540. You must put a good portion of your energy into spreading the message of the cause into all avenues of life.
  541. You must focus on finding ways in which you can become a medium through which the message spreads.
  542. You must not protect anyone from the heinous truth, you must not keep their eyes cloaked with sugarcoated nonsense.
  543. Always remember that the most effective way of spreading the message is by becoming the message.
  544. Music promotes neurological and physiological reactions, avoid using it to promote the cause.
  545. You must learn to entertain yourself because the rich will not entertain you without embedding their message.
  546. You must learn to live your life outside the media pressure cooker, in order to reverse the information flow in your head.
  547. You must learn to become an individual within a larger body of individuals working towards the cause.
  548. You must learn to unlearn all the morality that was taught to you by your teachers and parents.
  549. You must learn to establish an identity which clashes directly with the consumer identity that was nurtured in you.
  550. The mass media works hard to nurture an individual’s consumer persona, you must learn to nurture the activist persona of others.
  551. You must learn to see the cause as part of your destiny, your goal, your ideal, not just as a hobby on the side.
  552. You must see your conventional job as a realist necessity which you despise.
  553. Learn from your conventional job, how does your boss control the office, how does your company manipulate the people.
  554. We all must feed ourselves and our children, keep your job but find ways of resisting corporate oppression from within.
  555. Abolish your needs to be loved and admired by others.
  556. Abolish your desperation for attention and praise.
  557. Abolish your desire to have people look up to you.
  558. Abolish your tendency to always look for comfort through the sexual and emotional acceptance by others.
  559. Abolish your inner weakness of material consumption, limit consumption to as little as is humanly possible.
  560. Instead of consuming a Hollywood movie, have a conversation with someone on a bus.
  561. Instead of consuming a gourmet dinner, make two sandwiches and go out and share one with a homeless person.
  562. Instead of cosmetically enhancing your appearance, find ways to enhance your social and conversational skills.
  563. Know the right questions to ask people, questions which pull the conversation towards the gravity of the cause.
  564. Nothing could be easier than being passive and consuming the corporate agenda, but you chose the difficult path.
  565. Nothing can be easier than watching TV after work and looking forward to vacations, but you chose to fight for the truth.
  566. Nothing can be easier than living an ordinary life believing in false capitalist ideals, but you chose to seek the untainted truth.
  567. An activist never buys the capitalist rhetoric of freedom and democracy.
  568. You must demand freedom and democracy in action, not in the formulated vision of the power hungry elites.
  569. You must find ways in which you can dispel the myth that we live in democratic societies.
  570. You must use your activist drive to teach others that the accumulation of capital in fewer hands is undemocratic.
  571. Call your local politician’s office and ask them if they support the accumulation of wealth in fewer hands.
  572. Call the headquarters of a big bank and ask them how they feel about the increasing gap between the rich and poor.
  573. An activist excels at pretending to be a slavish admirer of capitalists in order to gain information.
  574. An activist knows how to twist and manipulate words in order to rip them out of their commercial context.
  575. The activist is a chameleon flowing through society in search of information and effective techniques of effectuating change.
  576. An activist does not believe that his/her life is worth anything outside of its socio-historical political context.
  577. Resist all temptations to be bought out by the upper class, many activists have exchanged their consciousness for petty comforts.
  578. Resist the urge to become part of the ruling elites.
  579. Resist the desire to become yet another professor who spews out mundane, ineffective, garbage.
  580. Get a mediocre job, one which will allow you to maintain your mind and your thoughts.
  581. Lower your living standards in order to be able to work any job.
  582. Do not be prude when it comes to working, do not try to get a fancy job.
  583. Get a job which is basic, enough to feed you and house you. Resist all desire for career advancement.
  584. Remember that highly praised jobs, require not only your physical labor, but also your mental and spiritual labor, avoid them.
  585. Avoid any job which will require you to write things in support of the system, journalists, teachers, executives.
  586. Avoid any job which is perceived as a marker of success, it will get to your head and make you vain.
  587. If you can make a living without having to get a formal job, that would be excellent for your activist drive.
  588. When you are at work, sneak away from your office work and work on your activist projects.
  589. Be inefficient at work but not enough to get fired.
  590. Keep your 9-5 job but lose absolute faith in its meaning and its intent.
  591. Try to spread consciousness at the work place, but this can be dangerous as office workers tend to be very servile to the boss. .
  592. Always remember that the government works to serve and facilitate the goals of those in power.
  593. An activist realizes that the government is nothing more than a machine which legitimates the power of the elites.
  594. Do not waste your time trying to change the way government governs, focus on the people instead.
  595. Do not waste your energy on opening up dialogues with governmental bodies, open up dialogues on the streets instead.
  596. Revamping government is a myth, all parties, all politicians work to serve the ruling elites.
  597. You must give up all hope on governmental change and focus on directly changing the lives of people around you.
  598. You must abandon the ship of ‘the next election will change the world’ and stop voting all together.
  599. Do not vote, the act of voting legitimizes the process of usurping power from the people.
  600. Do not waste your time supporting a public political party, start your own activist group instead.
  601. Start your own organization which works towards a particular cause and spreading awareness.
  602. Start your own committees instead of waiting for the elites to become kinder and save the world.
  603. An activist understands what change really means, he/she understands that there is no simple solutions.
  604. Remember that protesting and speaking your mind are much more authentic experiences than watching television.
  605. When people call you a loser because you have no ambitions for job promotions, tell them there’s more to life than worshipping the boss.
  606. When people tell you that you’re throwing your life away, tell them that consumerism is literally throwing your life away.
  607. When people tell you that you need to be more ambitious, tell them that they need to be less selfish.
  608. When people tell you that you that political change is impossible, tell them that this view is consent to living in a dictatorship.
  609. Call the a corporation that exploits child labor and ask them how they would like their 7 year old kid working in factory.
  610. You have to change the way you see your society, not as a bed of roses and opportunities, but as a wasteland of consumption and apathy.
  611. You have to change the way you see people around you, the professional athlete is not a hero, he is a well paid clown.
  612. You have to change the way you define people around you, the CEO of a big corporation is not a success story, he’s a thieving elitist.
  613. You have to change the way you see the figures in your life, your professor is not well informed, he’s intellectually deformed.
  614. You have to change the way heroes are built in your mind, success is poison, successful people are spoiled, narcissistic, traitors.
  615. Pick a sensational cause if you’d like to reach a wider audience, for example, sex tourism in Asia and its pedophilic intent.
  616. Pick a cause which moves your audience towards an immediate reaction of disgust and repulsion.
  617. Pick a cause which makes people question their well-established and comfortable morality.
  618. Pick a cause which shows the deception of the corporation and the ruling elites.
  619. Pick a cause which channels into other causes, but remain focused n one cause until you become very effective in championing it.
  620. Tell a mother that Disney exploits young children in Asian factories, study her reaction.
  621. Tell an Apple fanatic, that Apple Factory workers in China work 18 hour work shifts.
  622. Tell someone who is always bantering about welfare moms that corporate welfare far exceeds welfare that these poor moms receive.
  623. Work with the assumption that the person you’re trying to convert to the cause, knows nothing about corporate exploitation.
  624. Teach people about ways in which the leisure class, live off the blood and labor of the people.
  625. When oil prices are high, mention how big oil companies receive billions in corporate welfare from the government.
  626. Break the circuits of legitimization, the consumer thinks the corporation can do no wrong, prove otherwise.
  627. The corporation works to build a polished image of itself, taint this image, dig up facts about their corruption and actions.
  628. The corporation works to manufacture consent by insinuating morality, bust the myth of corporate consciousness.
  629. Fight against the corporation at any chance you get, but always remember that the corporation is owned by actual human beings.
  630. Fight against corporate corruption, fight against corporate exploitation of the workers.
  631. Fight against the myth that CEOs are actually effective people, rather than well connected people born in elitist families.
  632. Fight against the culture of crushing resistance by drowning resistance with consumer products and information.
  633. Make your activist projects so effective that it actually pulls people out of their consumerist rut.
  634. Question stuff whenever you get a chance, ask people boldly, ‘do you really need this?’.
  635. Question people’s obsession with celebrity news, and ask them ‘is this person really your hero?’.
  636. Question how many hours people waste watching two teams owned by billionaires fight over fake, manufactured, glory.
  637. Question, question, question, do not stop questioning those around you, question their actions and their hopes.
  638. Question someone who is playing the lottery, if winning will make them happier.
  639. Question people who are obsessed with luxurious items, ask them if these things actually make them a better human being.
  640. The professors often teach you that you have to be unbiased, fair and balanced, ignore them and remember who is paying them.
  641. You have to have a bias, forget the capitalist notion of balance and objectivity, an activist stands with justice and freedom.
  642. Objectivity is a myth, remember that even Fox News claims to be Fair and Balanced, know your enemy and know them well.
  643. Do not allow your rhetoric to be merciful to those who thrive while children starve.
  644. Do not be weak, the wealthy always say this, do not be weak, do not have a weak spot, wipe out the competition.
  645. You have to see the elites as nothing more than machines working to reinforce their interests by reinforcing the capitalist machine.
  646. You cannot negotiate with a billionaire whose psychology is wired to accumulate more at exponential rates.
  647. You cannot try and enlighten a celebrity who has become delusionally narcissistic and infantilely materialistic.
  648. Always be prepared to sacrifice a piece of your identity to the cause.
  649. Always be ready be prepared for conversations where people will question your motives.
  650. An activist does not act because he/she is bored, an activist acts because their conscience will not let them do otherwise.
  651. Always fight for the weak, always avoid making alliances with the strong.
  652. Always remember that the strong only want to usurp more power from the people, avoid any deals with such devils.
  653. If you feel the pressure of activism getting to you then again isolate yourself for a while and reexamine your motives.
  654. If you’re at a protest speak to as many people as you can, on an individual basis, explain to them why you’re fighting for the cause.
  655. Avoid elaborate speeches and a meaningless phraseology, stick to the truth, it is the most effective form of communication.
  656. Use sensationalism to your advantage, when speaking of hunger inflicted on the poor, describe a starving child in his mother’s arms.
  657. When trying to communicate the plight of the people, mention the luxury of the rich.
  658. Mention the growing gap between rich and poor, ask the question, how wide will the gap grow before we do something?
  659. Activism is the highest form of political consciousness, anyone can watch the news, but not anyone can step into the vortex of history.
  660. You must always be ready to put your thoughts and personal indulgences aside, it is the cause that you are working for.
  661.  Individualism is a machine created by the capitalists to keep the people in isolated enclaves, do not fall for this vanity trap.
  662.  Individualism will only keep you within yourself, harmless, enfeebled by your narcissism, join an activist group.
  663. Remember the fact that consumers are brainwashed intensively with millions of advertisements, deal with them on that basis.
  664. Do not think of consumption as a weak enemy, consumption is the most powerful drug humanity has ever seen.
  665. Try doing something different, instead of attacking someone for their consumptive habits, attack them for their lack of other outlets.
  666. Instead of attacking someone for being easily influenced by the media, tell them that human unity is the highest realm of being.
  667. Instead of attacking someone for being a ‘sell-out’ explain to them that they can use their skills and talent for a higher cause.
  668. Existentially question the cause of people’s lives like this ‘so the point of your life is to make lots of money and then die?’.
  669. The consumer trusts the corporation, the citizens trust the government, find ways to destroy this trust.
  670. When consumers begin to distrust corporations, they will question their addiction to the drug of consumption.
  671. When citizens begin to distrust their governments, they will wake up from their stupor of complacency and belief.
  672. Remember that it is easier to erode trust than to keep it in place, so this is one of your great advantages against the elites.
  673. It is easier to make someone question the system than to keep them in a comfortable consumptive coma, ask people political questions.
  674. It takes millions of advertisements each year to keep the consumer in a trance, it takes just one honest question to pull them out.
  675. To be effective in the world of activism you have to erase all sense of personal hope, your hope should be for humanity as a whole.
  676. To become an activist, one must become willing to sacrifice every strand of selfishness in his/her being.
  677. To become an activist you must be prepared to deny yourself the pathetic comforts of life.
  678. To become an activist you must be ready to put the hunger of poor children above your hunger for consumer products.
  679. To become an activist you must be willing to put the cause above your personality, above your personal needs and vanities.
  680. If you hear ‘I’m too selfish to be an activist’, say ‘the highest purpose of the self is to help others and humanity as a whole.’
  681. Agitation is an important method, study it and learn how to use it effectively and consistently.
  682. If you’re at Wal-Mart you can agitate by bringing up the union question to workers.
  683. If you’re at McDonald’s you can agitate by bringing up the minimum wage and labor exploitation issue.
  684. If you’re dealing with an Apple fanatic, you can agitate by questioning their cultish fetishistic consumerism.
  685. If you’re dealing with a delusional child, you can agitate by telling them that Santa is nothing more than a consumerist symbol.
  686. When you’re practicing the art of agitation, people will find you annoying, let that not bother you, this is not a popularity contest.
  687. Parents will be angry with you for ruining the ‘fantasy’ of Santa, but remember that the fantasy is destructive and diseased.
  688. Capitalism is full of fantasies and it is your duty to poke holes in all of them, lotto, social mobility, advancement, democracy.
  689. An activist does not shy away from attacking the falsity of capitalist institutions, despite other people’s discomforts.
  690. People will call you a killjoy, but this joy of theirs is a consumerist drug and it is your duty to kill it.
  691. Agitation is much more powerful than sabotage, because it sticks to people’s minds.
  692. Avoid sabotage because it is momentary and really achieves nothing.
  693. Agitation is the key to entering into the cocooned souls of others.
  694. Agitate, agitate, agitate, whenever you get the chance, instigate a dialogue of change.
  695. When someone is very bothered by your thoughts and opinions, it means that you have triggered a progressive thought process.
  696. When someone is annoyed by your attacks against the stuff they love, it means they are beginning to feel guilty about their lifestyle.
  697. If someone says ‘ignorance is bliss’ it means that they are trying to force their minds back into a cave of consumption and submission.
  698. Capitalism encourages happiness and pleasantness because these are the antithesis of change, be mindful of this.]
  699. Never hesitate to evoke unpleasant thoughts and honest truths.
  700. Find ways to annoy people, be pesky, be irritating and persistent, there’s nothing wrong with instigating uncomfortable feelings.
  701. People want to remain within their shell of ‘I am happy and successful’, question their success and the emptiness of their happiness.
  702. People are habitual in the way they live their lives, find innovative ways to help them break their consumptive habits.
  703. The marketers and corporations use psychology to sell their products and you need to use psychology in the service of the cause.
  704. Remember that academics and intellectual elites are paid to say ‘you have to be fair and balanced and unbiased and blah blah blah’
  705. Remember that objectivity and neutrality serve those who are in power.
  706. Even if your attempts to convert someone result in hardening their conservative views,  you’ve succeeded at invoking the truth.
  707. If your attempts to enlighten lead to someone clinging to the right you’ve managed to make them more apparently greedy and selfish.
  708. Focus on your main skills and abilities, if you’re good at writing write, if you’re good at organizing organize.
  709. If you’re good at making people feel guilty then make them feel guilty.
  710. If you’re good at invoking the truth, then invoke the truth every chance you get.
  711. If you’re good at manipulating capitalist realities to the advantage of the cause then do so.
  712. If you’re good at parodying the rich and powerful, then begin to parody.
  713. If you’re good at pretending to be a conservative, then pretend to be a conservative to get information and ideas.
  714. If you’re good at helping others break their bad consumptive habits, then that should be your focus.
  715. Avoid public speeches to large audiences, these are ineffective, speak to 5 people at the most.
  716. Public speeches create the personality cult, avoid this, your cause should have thousands of personalities working for it.
  717. If you have succeeded at organizing a group of activists, 4-5 people, then you can begin to see what everyone excels at.
  718. If you avoid the official task of assigning a leader then you will avoid leadership problems in the future.
  719. Activism is not about leaders and followers, activism is about working towards a positive common goal.
  720. If someone in your group is hungry for some kind of leadership position, expel them immediately.
  721. The concept of leadership and control, is a CEO capitalist driven idea, decentralize absolutely and allow all voices to flourish.
  722. The rich are an easily irritable bunch, irritate them. If a billionaire is having a birthday bash, organize a protest at the doors.
  723. If a billionaire is having some kind of ceremony to honor their ‘greatness’, show up with signs and a group of friends.
  724. Avoid destructive actions at protests, don’t throw rocks etc, making your presence felt has the most powerful impact.
  725. When you’re at a protest, stand there as if you’re willing to stand for the rest of your life, don’t be anxious and fidgety.
  726. Treat protests like picnics, don’t be anxious for Hollywood blockbuster action, instead, sit and wait and chat and dance and sing.
  727. There will be spies who join protests to instigate violent action which serves to instigate the police state apparatus, call them out.
  728. At the G20 protests in 2010, police left a car full of gas and hired agents to set it on fire to justify police expenses and brutality.
  729. There will be hot-blooded people at protests, explain to them that the capitalist machine craves an excuse to display its brutality.
  730. Be tactical, be deliberate and methodical, do not be hot-blooded and emotional.
  731. Mix up your personal relationships and your politics, go out for coffee with someone and talk to them about the cause.
  732. Instead of prowling the streets for the sake of a meaningless sexual adventurism, prowl the streets for the cause.
  733. When you’re bored, pick up the phone and call a corporation, leave a voice mail asking them a question about their practices.
  734. When you’re sad cheer yourself up by going to a protest, a strike or a rally.
  735. Do not ever hesitate to go to a right wing rally, talk to the people there, learn about the way they see the world.
  736. Do not hesitate to go to a conservative event, try to ask a question about the poor and corporate welfare.
  737. Never hesitate to go out and learn about your world, an activist must learn to see the world through the prisms of action and justice.
  738. If you’re a woman who has admirers, ask them to join you at a protest.
  739. Never hesitate to use your sexuality as a weapon for the cause.
  740. Capitalism uses sexuality to sell everything from vacuums to liquor, use your sexuality to empower yourself and the cause.
  741. Reverse the flow of sexual images from selling machines, to human activating machines.
  742. Human sexuality is an integral part of our political freedom and drive, you must take sex back from the capitalist advertising machine.
  743. Many conservatives are kept unaware of the fact that corporations receive trillions in hand outs from governments, make them aware.
  744. Go to protests to meet people instead of industrial nightclubs pumping out mindless songs.
  745. Instead of going to a pub to drink off your loneliness, go to a political protest, join a group of strikers, activate your life.
  746. Capitalism has turned sex into a dead bait to sell things, bring sex back to the streets, to your life, to the dialogue.
  747. Activism is the way you live your life, it is not merely an action you take once a week.
  748. Activism is the way that you revolutionize your spirit and your mind.
  749. Activism is the way that you revolutionize the way that you perceive your soul, your consciousness and your sexuality.
  750. Activism is the new flow of information, away from consumption and towards the creative process of political expression.
  751. Activism is the movement which revives everything that capitalism has attempted to kill.
  752. Fight against the patenting of life by capitalist biotech corporations, take life back from the machine of consumption.
  753. Take your life back from the sick cycle of careerism and consumerism.
  754. Unplug your soul from the mass media machine, see your life through your own eyes.
  755. Speak the truth whenever you get the chance, convert others to you cause whenever someone seems ready to listen.
  756. Pull people away from the gravitational pull of fascistic corporate control.
  757. You are not merely saving others in the process of decommercialization but you are saving your sanity.
  758. Advise those who are on psychotropic drugs to get off the drugs and to join an activist cause instead.
  759. Advise children to stop worrying about careerism and to start looking at their lives and their contributions to their communities.
  760. Tell a conservative person that they are not your enemy, they are your fellow human being and you love them just the same.
  761. Tell a conservative person that capitalist individuality is a myth because everyone behaves and consumes in the same way.
  762. Fight for your inner freedom by fighting for the freedom of others.
  763. Fight for justice by fighting for justice in the lives of the oppressed.
  764. If someone calls you a hypocrite because you have a daytime job to feed yourself and family, ignore them.
  765. Capitalist billionaires are hypocrites who pretend to give back, while they sell us the morality of anti-hypocrisy.
  766. There is nothing wrong with being a hypocrite if your goal and energy are going towards the noble cause.
  767. We are human, we are not perfect, we are hypocrites, but it is our goals and aspirations that define us
  768. Fight for freedom in your mind instead of more money in your bank account.
  769. Anyone can spend their whole lives chasing money and success but it takes a noble soul to anonymously fight for the cause.
  770. Anyone can spend their days stuffing their soul with vanities, it takes a selfless soul to fight for something higher than the self.
  771. Show people how capitalism fools people into thinking that they work for themselves when they’re working for bankers and bondholders.
  772. Learn how the capitalist machines operate, the military-industrial complex, the university-biotech complex, the IMF-WallStreet complex.
  773. Always remember that being subservient to power will only get you and your children lifetimes of slavery.
  774. Always remember that being apathetic to politics will lead to the powerful usurping your life, your labor and your future.
  775. Always remember that anyone can put a hood over their head and pretend the world is fine, open your eyes, see the truth.
  776. Fight for freedom because it is surely better to fight for freedom than a promotion.
  777. Fight for justice because justice is the only thing that can elevate humanity from the bondage traps of the ruling elites.
  778. You must fight for your mind, your outlook, your visions, do not allow the capitalist media to infiltrate your mind.
  779. Do not allow the television channels of the rich to become a mirror into your life.
  780. Do not allow others to judge you on the basis of your resistance.
  781. If you’re struggling with keeping a social personality and an activist one, then you have to hide the personalities from each other.
  782. If you are struggling with being an activist and an office employee, become schizophrenic, let no one know of your activism.
  783. If you cannot cope with being two people at once, then you must divide the two people from each other, sever them completely.
  784. Activism is the world of justice and freedom, the corporation is the world of corruption and stated greed, always know this.
  785. Do not allow your friendships at work to change your view of your employer, the corporation is a sick disease.
  786. Do not allow the pleasantries of the office space to guide you away from your hatred for the profit structure scheme.
  787. Always remember that your employer is exploiting you.
  788. Always remember that there is a billionaire basking in the sun with your surplus value.
  789. Always remember that the corporation is your enemy, that the elites are the scum of this earth, the thieves, the usurpers.
  790. Do not grow fond of your oppressor, do not become internally tender towards those that have high jacked our lives and minds.
  791. Fight, fight, be stubborn, be willful, be determined, but always remain graceful and subtle.
  792. Always remember that your enemy knows how to deal with open resistance, but not the subtle, the clever, the deceptive.
  793. Be deceptive, cheat, lie, be insidious in your attacks on the system that has imprisoned humanity.
  794. Always remember that the cause is higher than pathetic bourgeois morality.
  795. Always remember that your morality is a byproduct of the rich man’s fairy tales, told to you as a child.
  796. Always remember that those who publish children books are billionaires, stuffing infant’s minds with submissive morality.
  797. An activist is not moral or immoral, an activist is amoral, he/she understands that morality only serves the ruling elites.
  798. An activist understands that religion is nothing more than a tool to protect the elites from the wrath of the oppressed.
  799. Know that this life time is the only life time, this world is the only world, it is stupid to treat the afterlife as the place to be.
  800. An activist knows that freedom is the highest value in human existence, that the morality of the rich merely imprisons the poor.
  801. The clergy, the billionaire media owners, the Vatican with its $8.9 billion in gold, are all manufacturers of submission and compliance
  802. Be prepared to be the bad guy, in Hollywood the bad guy is always the guy who disrupts the flow of capital and ‘happiness’.
  803. Be prepared to be called evil for wanting freedom in this life, in this world, with every fibers of your being.
  804. Be prepared for people to question your motive, to call you a closet dictator, but always remain liquid and anonymous.
  805. Always change your face, always change our methods, your techniques, evolve as an activist and as a human being.
  806. Be prepared for your family to disown you at some point because they want to live their sheltered comfortable lives.
  807. Be prepared to lose the stupid love of your life because they wanted to live in a big house on a hill.
  808. Be prepared to lose many things that you once valued, but for an activist the only value is freedom, the only purpose is justice.
  809. Remember that life is a struggle and that the struggle for freedom is life.
  810. Remember that your body and soul are parts of a higher social system, part of a natural movement towards authentic freedom.
  811. Remember that you are an individual, but never think that you are alone, there are millions just like you.
  812. Find the millions that are like you, find the activists, the fighters, the freedom lovers, find them and communicate with them.
  813. If you have your photos plastered all over the internet, get rid of them, an activist has no face.
  814. Change your name, change the way you see yourself, find a pseudonym which appeals to you and your activist drive.
  815. Always remember that your personal name is the antithesis of change, because it keeps you chained to your personal history.
  816. Always remember that names are nothing more than personalized vanity plates, abolish your name.
  817. An activist has no name, an activist has no history, he/she is the liquid energy that flows in the fight against the capitalist flow.
  818. An activist has no identity, no personal desires, no narcissistic visions.
  819. An activist does not dream about living in a mansion or driving a luxury car, he/she dreams banishing privatization.
  820. An activist does not spend their days fussing over the growth of the net worth.
  821. An activist’s net worth is the political and social consciousness in their blood.
  822. An activist’s net worth is the flow of freedom through his/her body, the bursting of energy and desire for justice.
  823. An activist does not think of themselves as a hero, he/she says ‘I am nothing, nothing at all, I am the will power of my humanity.’
  824. An activist must learn to crush their ego completely and without any reservations.
  825. Capitalist society builds your ego to keep you locked within yourself, to keep you isolated and exploited, crush your ego!
  826. Always remember that while the rich man is obsessing on finding ways to prolong his life, your purpose is create new life.
  827.  Always remember that vanity leads to a disgusting sense of self-love, do not love yourself, love the world instead.
  828. Always remember that there is nothing wrong with altering your political views as long as your purpose is pure.
  829. Find someone who is lonely and bring them into the cause.
  830. Find someone who needs a sense of belonging and take them to a protest.
  831. Find the outsiders, the socially defined ‘losers’, bring them into the world of activism.
  832. Find the weirdoes, the vagabonds, the high school rebel drop outs and bring them into the body of the cause.
  833. You must fight for the very autonomy of your being, do not allow capitalist institution to reverse the flow of your activism.
  834. Do not allow the professors who wear leftist masks to hinder you from the cause.
  835. An activist trusts no one, not even him/herself, an activist always questions and examines.
  836. An activist works for the cause because he/she realizes that the cause is higher than the petty worries of the everyday.
  837. When an activist rides a public bus, he/she canvasses the bus for possible recruits into the cause.
  838. When an activist sits in the streets, he/she are always looking for new recruits into the cause.
  839. Canvassing is a powerful weapon that marketers incessantly use, learn how to use it.
  840. Remember that profits and success are meaningless constructs, your life must pour into the body of the cause.
  841. Remember that societal praise is nothing more than a method to condition you into being a well behaved pet.
  842. Remember that you are beyond praise, you are beyond stupid notions of success, the cause is your life, the cause is your only purpose.
  843. Anyone can spend their lives waiting for promotions/praise from the boss, but you, you chose to fight, to stand, to resist.
  844. Remember that anyone can remain in society’s comfortable lap forever, but you chose to grow, to rise, to become.
  845. Instead of listening to a popular rap song, print the lyrics, study it, learn how the mass media taps into the heads of the people.
  846.  Instead of watching a movie, pull up the script, and study the use of words, the manipulation of life in support of consumption.
  847.  Instead of watching sports, study the concept of competition, why does the capitalist encourage the lower classes to compete.
  848.  Instead of watching reality television shows, go out in the streets and make your own reality television show.
  849. Instead of spending your evenings playing video games, ask yourself why you’re addicted to pressing buttons and visual reactions.
  850. Love humanity; an activist loves humanity, an activist loves the starving children, an activist loves life itself.
  851. An activist does not waste time on rhetorical nonsense, if the children are starving then something must be done.
  852. An activist does not waste an opportunity to bring someone into the body of the cause.
  853. An activist does not waste a chance to inform others on the corruption that riddles their lives.
  854. Ask citizens what makes them tick, when they say high taxes, blame it on the wars of the rich.
  855. Ask a person why bothers them about government, when they say the welfare system, tell them about corporate welfare.
  856. Study how capitalism has succeeded in making the general public hate single welfare moms, while corporations steal trillions.
  857. Study the intelligence agencies and how they operate, study how they open up cover businesses.
  858. Study the methods through which the ruling elites set up front businesses (corporations) to cover up their ill deeds.
  859. Remember that the capitalists are merciless, cruel and sadistic in their exploitation of the worker, expose them.
  860. Remember that the capitalist will do anything to accumulate more capital and you should do anything to expose him.
  861. Remember that religion is a tool in the hands of the powerful, religion is not purity or honest intent, it is denial and fear.
  862. An activist does not fear death because he/she love life in all of its aspects.
  863. An activist does not worry about death because he/she is not obsessed with the ego and the permanence of the narcissistic self.
  864. You have to reshape your identity from that of a rigid, immobile wage slave, to that of an open liquid, communicative human being.
  865. Do not allow the capitalists to keep your mind and your body locked in the prisons of their wage-slavery.
  866. Find ways of covertly resisting your boss’s sadistic control over the office space.
  867. Do not hesitate to write anonymous letters to your professors, bosses, teachers.
  868. Do not hesitate to speak your mind, but try your best to eliminate consequences in your life.
  869. Be clever, be sly, be meticulous, be ready to confront your enemies and be ready to escape for the next fight.
  870. Never be stubborn, never be bent on some kind of physical punishment, instead, run and hide and construct your activist techniques.
  871. Remember that every time there’s a protest the state has to shift its resources from surveillance to policing.
  872. Remember that every time there’s a protest the state has to pay millions for policing and security, but you’re there for free.
  873. You can leave and come to a protest as you see fit, no one is paying you to go to a protest, that’s your great advantage.
  874. If the police shut down a protest, come back tomorrow.
  875. If the police get violent without cause, then the people will see the brutality of the state in action.
  876. Never provoke the police because that allows the capitalist state to display and justify its inherent violence.
  877. Instead of cursing at police officers, be witty, be funny, read rebellious poetry, speak against the rich.
  878. Remember that even though police officers are highly conditioned, they hate the bankers who own their house as much as you.
  879. Remember that even though the police are trained to protect the elites, they do not come from ruling elite families, exploit this.
  880. Converse with the police, if you’re at a protest against bank bail outs, ask a police officer how much his mortgage is.
  881. If you’re at an anti-G20  protest, ask a police officer if the big bankers inside are giving him a special mortgage rate.
  882. Your parents will often pull the guilt trip of ‘we worked hard so you can become something special’, ignore them, success is a disease.
  883. Your friends will often say that you’ve changed and that you’re distant, ignore them, school friends are nothing but consumer zombies.
  884. An activist does not live to conform to the lives of those consumers around him/her, an activist lives to fight for freedom.
  885. An activist does not worry about gratifying his/her parent’s desire for some kind of successful careerism.
  886. An activist does not care whether or not his/her parents think of him as a loser, an activist simply moves on with the fight.
  887. An activist strips all of his/her social masks and keeps working towards the goal of establishing a free, just society.
  888. An activist does not spend their days moping about being unaccepted or unrespected, instead they fight with every thoughts.
  889. Instead of going to the shopping mall with the intent of buying meaningless things, help one person fight their consumption disease.
  890. Visit the hospital, talk to sick people about capitalism, talk to dying people about consumption and their perspective on life.
  891. Instead of simply doing volunteer work, do volunteer work that serves the cause and your need for social information.
  892. Coach a team and discuss political issues with the team members.
  893. Remember that Disney begins its consumption conditioning of children when they are as young as 3 months old.
  894. When your family tells you that the cause is hopeless, tell them that consuming televised images like zombies is hopeless.
  895. You must be prepared to sacrifice your self-love to the cause, you must be ready to treat the cause as if it is life itself.
  896. An activist does not hide inside of him/herself, an activist hides from the brutality of the system by resisting the system.
  897. An activist loves the world, he/she loves life and people, not money and profits.
  898. An activist does not spend their days and nights thinking of ways to be richer, but of ways to make people’s lives richer.
  899. An activist does not hide in mansions in the mountains, he/she are in the streets making things happen.
  900. An activist does not give a fly about making their parents proud, he/she is consumed with making the cause live.
  901. It is your job to find ways to make the cause live in the lives of others.
  902. It is your duty to find ways for your mind to work for the cause, your thoughts, your desires, your obsessions, your totality for the cause.
  903. It is easy to spend your life waiting for societal adulation, but you must resist the meaninglessness of success.
  904. Erase all notions of capitalist success from your mind.
  905. Erase all notions of financial gain from your soul.
  906.  Erase all hate for mankind from your heart, the poor are your fellow human beings not people to be exploited for profit.
  907. Think of ways to revolutionize the psychology of others.
  908. Look for ways to make people change their limited, consumptive, world view.
  909. Ask people questions about their lives and the meaning of their existence outside of indoctrinated consumption patterns.
  910. Treat people with respect, but never be passive, always be active in your pursuit for knowledge and change.
  911. Never rely on government and corporate structures to instigate change.
  912. Never rely on institutions to define your life for you, define your own life and push your life into the body of the cause.
  913. Push your existence towards the progressive methodology, which will help enlighten people.
  914. Pull people around you from their state of spiritual and psychological poverty, tell them to turn off the TV and go for a walk.
  915. Constantly reevaluate the way you see your life, the way you see your friends and family.
  916. Write a letter to yourself about your desire to help the cause and make it a legitimate force in people’s lives.
  917. Share your progressive ideas and writings with other activists, to open up and expand the dialogue.
  918. Instead of going to the mall to consume your life away, go to a protest and join people in any kind of struggle.
  919. In order for the cause to live, you must learn to live your life, not through capitalist mediums, but through authenticity.
  920. You must learn to become a total person by dispersing all of your infantile needs, you do not need alcohol or drugs.
  921. You do not need drugs to be an activist, avoid all drugs, they numb your mind and spirit.
  922. If people call you conservative for not doing drugs, tell them that the cause needs clearheaded minds not drugged up ones.
  923.  Become a conversational agent, always shift conversations from consumptive/celebrity topics to political issues and situations.
  924. Do not discuss the current news that you see on televisions, it is all manufactured, find topics that are real and progressive.
  925. Instead of arguing against a particular war, argue against all wars as methods of upper class domination.
  926. Instead of spending your evening trying to become more attractive, attract people to the cause instead.
  927. An activist understands that there is something beautiful in the union of human beings for a common and positive cause.
  928. An activist is always against war. An activist always stands against state-sponsored violence in all of its forms.
  929. Do not allow the capitalist thought-control machine to turn you against your own cause.
  930. Do not believe in the myth of social mobility, do not fall for the trick that moving up the social ladder will make you happier.
  931. Remember that moving up the social ladder will only make you more entrapped in the capitalist hierarchy.
  932. If you’re a middle class person, don’t waste your energy trying to join the upper class, fight for the destruction of the class system.
  933.  If you’re in the lower class, do not allow the media to make you feel disgusted by your position in society, you’re a free person.
  934. Society uses guilt mechanisms to make individuals conform to its exploitive values, never feel guilty about your activist actions.
  935. Never feel guilty about fighting for the destruction of the caste/class system.
  936. Never feel guilty about the fact that you are not working hard enough to contribute to the usurious economy of the rich.
  937. Remember that the more productive you are at your 9-5 job, the more power the capitalists get, be less productive.
  938. Remember that the more you believe in the corporation, the further its hegemony over your life.
  939. Have no faith in corporations, have no faith in governmental institutions, have no faith in religious fetishes.
  940. Always remember that your education was a big lie, aimed at conditioning you into being a submissive worker.
  941. Remember that your teachers are the paid agents of the capitalist state assigned the job of creating dutiful workers.
  942. Do not trust your professors, remember that in Nazi Germany, professors lead the marches in support of the Nazi party.
  943. Unlearn all the rubbish that was stuffed in your mind during your education.
  944. Unlearn the ways with which they taught you to see your life as nothing more than barometer for success and failure.
  945. Unlearn the way that the religious institutions have taught you to be afraid of living your life.
  946. Unlearn the way your parents have embedded the patriarchal hierarchy in your heart.
  947. Fight for freedom because freedom is the only thing worth fighting for.
  948. Express your hatred for the corporate doctrine of thought control.
  949. Do not be afraid of your enemy as mighty as they may seem, they are weak and they rely on the inner weakness to survive.
  950. If you protest against a corporation, its stock will plummet, which proves that change is real and possible but requires mass action.
  951. Protest against corporations, individual corporations, it will give your actions have a higher impact.
  952. Instead of protesting against abstract truths, protest against concrete realities.
  953. Instead of protesting against generalized pollution, protest against a fashion magazine for spreading mental pollution.
  954. Remember that if you protest against an individual corporation, it will be harder for the state to justify using state funds to police.
  955. If you protest against a corporation and the police show up, the state-corporate relationship becomes more visible to the people.
  956. Anyone can stay in an eternal consumptive coma, but you must wake up, you must stay alert and ready for action.
  957. You must turn your entire life from that of a consumer to that of an active representative of humanity.
  958. An activist never fails because an activist does not believe in the false capitalist value of individual success.
  959. An activist has no fears because fears are the byproduct of institutions that deprave a human being of freedom.
  960. An activist true love is freedom and justice for every single human being on Earth.
  961. An activist loves justice and equality and thus he/she fears not punitive punishments of the state.
  962. Ask people the difficult questions, make people uncomfortable about their passive complicity in corporate destruction of humanity.
  963. Do not be afraid to make people emotional, they must go through stages to learn to fight against their exploitation.
  964. Organize, fight, teach, open the eyes of others, but do not become vain and egotistical.
  965. An activist never feels as though he is better than those who are unaware and submissive.
  966. An activist has no superiority complexes over those lower than him in the manufactured social ladder.
  967. An activist desires to teach and to enlighten without being looked up to.
  968. Turn your life into a machine for the purpose of serving the cause.
  969. Turn your identity into a landscape on which the cause can spread into the lives of others.
  970. Do not think of finalities or eventualities, instead work incessantly for the purpose of advancing the cause.
  971. Do not allow the capitalist manufactured anxiety to creep into your reality.
  972. Remember that anxiety is the punishment for those who feel lacking in success, in love in recognition.
  973. You have no reason to be anxious, you have no reason to be nervous, the cause will always be alive in your soul.
  974. You have no reason to feel depressed, there is always something to do for the cause.
  975. When you wake up in the morning, set goals that you’d like to achieve for the cause.
  976. If you do not complete all of your goals for a particular day, worry not, there’s always another day.
  977. As long as you are active in mapping out your existence and identity all is well.
  978. As long as every day is a part of a purposeful movement towards freedom and justice then everything is fine.
  979. People will often try to pick petty fights with you about details and semantics, ignore these time wasters.
  980. Many people will try to demoralize you by calling you a loser because you’re not obsessed with a career, ignore them.
  981. Remember the cause is not only higher than your individual life, it is higher than individuality itself.
  982. Remember that individuals have been conditioned into treating their existence as if it is the only existence, avoid this.
  983. Avoid feeling depressed, keep your head and your energy up.
  984. Avoid feeling any sense of guilt for your activism, society is an evil mother which comforts you only when you suckle on consumption.
  985. Avoid all feelings of self-regret, remember that those who are devoted to the corporation will be kicked out when they’re of no use.
  986. Believe in the cause, believe in your role in human history.
  987. Believe in your ability to instigate genuine change that you can see and work towards this change.
  988. Set small goals to avoid disappointments.
  989. Try to recruit one person and then try to get them to recruit another person into the world of activism.
  990. Never hesitate to question power and those who hold it tightly in their hands.
  991. Never hesitate to live your political and social life to its fullest instead of allowing consumer products to stuff your soul.
  992. Never hesitate to speak up on behalf of the oppressed and exploited.
  993. Do not worry about your individual life and your individual future, learn to escape these anxious, oppressive, thoughts.
  994. Always be prepared to give more of yourself to the cause.
  995. Preserve your health and your mind for the cause by avoiding any sort of drugs or stimulants.
  996. Remember that it is easy to become another wounded soul grazing the mall for tokens of happiness, but you resist instead!
  997. Remember that rejection from society is a positive change in your life, do not allow this rejection to demoralize you.
  998. Remember that freedom is the highest point in human existence, avoid thoughts about happiness in the form of personal consumption.
  999. Fight for everyone in this world whose bones and souls are being crushed by the whip of capital.
  1000. Never discriminate against anyone who is ready to put their thoughts and energy towards the body of the cause.